Strafe & Gefängnis: Einführung in BIELEFELD [EN]

Organisiert von »Cafe Exil«

Ort: Bürgerwache neuer Ort: AJZ

Punishment & Prison, Theory, Criticism, Alternatives.
Book presentation with Rehzi Malzahn
That we punish us seems a matter of course. Sometimes it fills us with discomfort
yet we actually do not question it. „Punishment is the root of violence on our
planet,“ writes Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Nonviolent Communication.
Punishment is a core of domination: it requires institutions that carry it out, and means that one individual rises above the other. In order to come closer to a more peaceful and freer society, it is therefore necessary to handle the prison system and to question punishment.

But how could things be different? Which alternatives are there? These and other questions around the subject, punishment, jail, alternatives will occupy our minds in this evening.
The event will be bilingual German and English.
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